Thursday, September 10, 2020 1:00 p.m.
Zoom video conference
This notice is posted pursuant to § 551.041 of the Texas Open Meetings Act (TX Gov. Code Ann. Ch. 551)
PRESENT: Trustees; Dell Hood, Patrick Cox, Sharon Criswell, Aileen Edgington, Carol Sicuro; Treasurer, Sharon Drobeck; FWL, Dennis Lee
1. Call to Order – The meeting was called to order by President Hood at 1:00 PM
2. Public Comments – None
3. Approval of Minutes: August meeting – The Board accepted the August 2020 meeting minutes.
4. Special Reports
a. Treasurer – Treasurer Drobeck reported the following:
The Statement of Financial Position as of August 31 reflects the following:
• Checking/Savings of $875,708;
• Current Liabilities of $42,630 (These consist of Payroll Liabilities; Gifts: Friends of the Library, Gifts Specific Use and Specified Library Programs)
• Long Term Liabilities NOTE: On August 28, 2020 Library pre-paid the balance of the Johnson Land Loan, $30,000. We are in contact with the Johnson Family to secure a release from the lien on the property.
Statements of Activities report shows that the monthly net income of $44,891 compares favorably to the budgeted net income of $27,667 for August. Income items of note:
• Sales tax revenue received was 28.6% ($19,415) more than that budgeted.
• Hays County Grant, although budgeted in August, was received, and deposited the first week of September.
• Humanities Texas requested that the $3,000 Grant sent in July be returned. They apologized, explaining that it had been sent to the Library in error.
• On a year-to-date basis, net income is $201,671 compared to budgeted net income of $69,642. This difference is due to the favorable increase in sales tax revenues and actual expenses being less than.
Sales Tax Income was budgeted at a rate that is equal to the actual revenue received in 2019. The attached report from the Comptroller of Public Accounts indicates that the Sales Tax deposit for September (July sales) will be $63,374. This is an increase of 22.5%, from the same period last year. Year-to-date through August, sales tax received of $567,373 represents an increase of approximately 24.9% ($112,943) from the same period last year.
The Board accepted the Treasurer’s report by unanimous consent.
b. Friends of the Library – Friends President, Dennis Lee, stated the Friends group is postponing the annual Book Sale until 2021 due to the pandemic. Also, there is enough inventory on hand and patrons are asked not to donate books at this time. Since some patrons have continued to donate their books, and these books are left on the back porch. Please note, the books on the porch are
Wimberley Village Library Board Meeting September 10,2020 2
not handled by staff. Members have suggested other fundraisers to replace the Annual Book Sale until next year. The Friends group is considering one possibility to collect coins, loose change, as a fundraiser.
c. Library Foundation – Trustee Edgington reported the following:
• Hays County granted a request for $100,00 for the library expansion. This this is a budget item for the County, it is still in the process of budget approval.
• The Foundation received a $5,000 check from Ozona Bank Challenge. Since this challenge was more successful than previous years, Ozona Bank an additional $15,000 was donated from the bank. Personalized e-mails were successful with an open rate of 75% rate and as compared to a previous 50% open rate.
• A thermometer, although delayed by the pandemic, is to be installed to show collection milestones.
• The Annual Appeal-Personal letters are to be sent to doners at certain levels after the Annual Appeal. A new catch phrase has been adopted, “Help us better to serve you.”
• Carroll Wilson is contracted to write a report for the Wimberley View, showcasing an article for the View of our summer program results.
5. Staff and Board Reports
a. Board
i. Correspondence – None
b. Library Director – Director Manning, although Manning was not present, she filed her report.
• Personnel – Employee check-in meetings should be completed by the October Board meeting.
• Service contracts have been awarded and awaiting approval from the Board.
Fall Programming has started, and the staff has prepared interesting events via social media.
• Central Texas Library System has sponsored Zoom meeting for librarians to network and hear information from the State Library.
• Circulation for the month is almost 8000. The average during preCovid-19 was 11,000.
c. Building Committee – Trustee Edgington provided the following updates;
• Kristen Schmidt, Building Committee member, was able to obtain a drainage study engineer statement for the replat. Also, Schmidt was responsible for converting the hand drawn design to an AutoCAD format.
• Attorney, Stephanie Leibe, of Norton, Rose, and Fulbright US LLP, has been hired to work on behalf of the Library District. She has experience working with County Certificates of Obligation (COO) and the process for approval. She is to represent the Library District’s interest as the property is used as a guarantee with the County.
Ms. Leibe has already contacted County Attorney, Mark Kennedy, and County Financial Manager, Stan Wegmiller as well as Duane Westerman of SAMCO. The contract with Ms. Leibe is not to exceed $10,000. Should an issue occur regarding her contract, Board President, Dell Hood, will call a special closed meeting to resolve the issue.
• The Committee is reviewing the economy of adding solar power to the roof panels in the extension. Trustees discussed the possibilities of adding clean air and solar to the One Water plans.
Wimberley Village Library Board Meeting September 10,2020 3
• Johnson land loan was paid in full. The release of lien is being prepared.
• The Foundation asked the Building Committee to review the milestones on the “thermometer” sign.
6. Discussion & Action items Any discussion item may be subject to Board action
a. Declaration of unopposed election cancellation of election with Hays County Elections Administrator. The Hays County Election received an advanced copy of the Wimberley Village Library’s intent to cancel the Contract and the Agreement for the November 3, 2020 election. This notice was sent via FAX on September 4, 2020. Final notice to cancel election services from Hays County Election office was sent on September 11, 2020. No further action required.
b. Extend three pandemic resolutions to 12/31/2020 Moved, the Board of Trustees extends the validity of the three resolutions on Library staff wage payments, sick leave policy, and the Director’s authority during the Covid-19 pandemic adopted on April 9, 2020, until December 31, 2020. Motion carried by a unanimous vote.
c. Moved, the Board of Trustees of the Wimberley Village Library District, after full review of its terms, accepts the Financial Advisory Contract and the associated Scope of Services (Exhibit A in the SAMCO materials provided to the Board on dated January 3, 2020) with SAMCO Capital Markets, Inc., of San Antonio, Texas, with the proviso that compensation will be limited to a maximum of ten thousand dollars $10,000, unless a higher amount is mutually agreed in writing by both parties; Moved further, the Board of Trustees authorizes President Dell Hood to sign the contract including this limitation on compensation. Trustees approved the motion by unanimous vote.
d. Moved, the Board of Trustees of the Wimberley Village Library District agrees to contract with Stephanie Liebe of Norton Rose Fulbright, Austin, Texas, for legal services necessary to facilitate approval for the issuance by the Hays County Commissioners Court of a Certificate of Obligation for the District, for a fee not to exceed ten thousand dollars $10,000 unless a higher fee is agreed in writing by both parties; Moved further, the Board authorizes President Hood to sign the contract. Trustees approved the motion by unanimous vote.
7. Announcements – a. October agenda items – Appoint 2020 budget committee; Preliminary staff reviews; status of COO; Combined Boards meeting.
8. Adjournment – The meeting adjourned at 1:32 PM
Recorded by Zoom and written record by Carol Sicuro, Secretary
The Board may meet in closed session on any item above as authorized by the TX Open Meetings Act, TX Gov. Code Ann. Ch. 551.