Times have changed, and social media has become an essential marketing tool for businesses, organizations, clubs, etc., but did you know that social media is very important for public libraries? Through social media, libraries are able to connect not only with patrons but with the community in general. It is a great tool to let people know about events, programs and to share information with audiences of all ages.

It is not about having a social media account or how many followers the library has, it is very important for patrons and the community to “like”, comment, and share posts. This is part of the word-of-mouth system nowadays.

We all have very busy lives, but it only takes a minute to like, share, or comment on a post. Besides volunteering, a monetary donation, or donating books doing any of these you will do your part on helping the Wimberley Village Library with our vision: to serve as a catalyst for engaging the community to Read, Connect, Discover.

What are you waiting for? Go to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or Pinterest, follow our library, and like, comment and share. You will make a world of difference. Thank you!

Nomi is the Marketing & Programs Coordinator. You can reach her at programs@wimberleylibrary.org