Even when circulation was slow during the pandemic, there was always one area of the Young Adult section where books consistently checked out, and that was the graphic novel section. Graphic Novels are very popular with readers of all ages, and while some may not see graphics as real literature (I’m looking at you concerned parents), they are absolutely real books! In a graphic novel, the artwork is combined with narrative storytelling to create a cohesive piece of work wherein a story is told. Graphic novels can be any type of story, including biographies, retellings of classics, historical pieces, science fiction epics, and superheroes saving the world. The format is excellent for reluctant or struggling readers. Keep in mind, graphic novels are for all ages! Why not grab a few and escape into a world of fantastic art and storytelling?

Here at the WVL, the Young Adult graphic novel section houses a few different types of graphic novels.

Manga: The Japanese word for “comic” is used interchangeably to describe Japanese-style comics. Manga is read from top to bottom and right to left.

Superhero Story: These are what are usually considered comics. They turn episodic adventures into epic sagas and are dominated by mainstream publishers like Marvel and DC.

Fiction: Not superhero related, uses the text and illustration interplay to tell (and usually complete) a fictional story arc.

Personal Narratives: These are autobiographical stories written from the author’s personal experiences.

Non-fiction: Tells the story of an actual event in graphic form. Non-fiction graphic novels are an excellent way to teach historical events to visual learners.