I’ll let you in on a secret…creating handmade crafts have the ability to make you relaxed and happy!

If you have ever lost track of time while working with your hands then you have experienced a form of meditation.  Making handmade items is inconsistent with anxiety, anger, and depression.  Working with your hands, helps you concentrate on what’s in front of you and can distract you from everyday pressures and problems.  Craft-making is a stress buster.

Crafting can be your alone time activity or it can be a time to enjoy with your friends.  Craft-making can be economical and it can also be a pricey activity.  One size doesn’t fit all.  The flexibility of craft-making is part of its universal appeal.

Humans are creative beings and expressing ourselves through handwork is an artistic and likely a spiritual imperative.  Craft-making allows us to connect to our inner artist as well as the craft community at large.  With so many positive reasons to craft why not start today?

Pat Galvin is the Craft Services Librarian and hosts Craft LAB, a weekly adult class held via Zoom on Wednesdays at 6 PM.  For more information go to the Wimberley Village Library website and under the programs tab click Adult Craft LAB.  Contact Pat Galvin 512-847-2188 ext. 110 or email:  craftservices@wimberleylibrary.org