Another one bites the dust.
The headline on the lead story in today’s business section of The New York Times says it all: “Bookstore Chain Succumbs, As E-Commerce Devours Retailing.”
The story by David Streitfeld goes into great detail about the demise of bookstore chains and independents throughout the country and not just because of lousy sales this Christmas season. These places have been folding up their tents for years, first because of the encroachment of Amazon into their business and now just because everyone is flocking online to do their shopping — for everything from cucumbers to cars.
The story doesn’t deal with this question: If bookstores go under what about libraries?
But, we have been here in Wimberley and all across the country.
We believe so strongly that people will continue to want actual books to read for themselves and their children that we’ve been asking you to support our effort to expand. Are are not alone. Check out the fabulous new library in Austin. If you have time, drive over to Seguin, a small town about 40 minutes from here, and take a walk-thru of their brand new $14.5 million library, a structure that would make any city of any size proud.