The Wimberley Village Library is planning for a future in which it provides new services, new programs, and new spaces for all of its patrons.

Our expansion is for the young people of today and tomorrow, as well as for members of the community who look to the library, not just for materials to read and watch, but also for an environment where group learning and collaboration can take place.

About Wimberley Village Library Foundation

The Wimberley Village Library Foundation was incorporated as a Texas nonprofit in 2005. The foundation is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit, tax-exempt corporation. Its purpose is to build community support and raise funds to provide the tools and facilities necessary to advance learning opportunities at the Wimberley Village Library. The foundation is governed by a board of directors members of which are elected in accordance with Texas law and bylaws of the organization.

Frequently Asked Questions
Who is overseeing the planned expansion of the Library?

The Library District Board of Trustees is ultimately responsible for all Library expenditures and operations, so they are the overriding authority. They have bought land adjoining existing Library property, hired a project management firm to oversee the entire venture in concert with an appointed building committee, hired an architecture firm to create plans, and are closely involved with Library foundation fund-raising efforts. After a bidding process Marksmen
from San Antonio was hired as our construction company. They have experience building
libraries and have worked with our architect and project manager.

Where can I see drawings of the planned expansion?

Paper copies of the comprehensive plan are on view at the library. Plans are also posted here.

Why is the Library expanding?

The community has outgrown the existing space as the population and demographics of the area have changed. The population of Hays County alone is four times what it was when the original Library building went up, and the Wimberley area has grown accordingly. At the same time, the median age of residents has decreased – meaning more children need more children’s resources. In addition, few free meeting spaces are available in town. Accordingly, some of the priority expansion efforts were directed to adding children and teen space and programs, meeting spaces, additional storage space and space for more adult programs. The Library staff and members of the community conducted a comprehensive needs assessment to determine what should be included in an expansion program.

How much money do we need to raise for the expansion?

The current building expansion is budgeted at $6.5 million. With the current cost inflation of building
materials, an additional $1 million must be raised to completely renovate the current building.

How is this money being raised?

The Wimberley Village Library Board of Trustees has obtained loans from Government Capital
for $5 million. We have raised $1 million from small and large donors, foundations and
individuals for the expansion. The library district receives revenues from local sales taxes that
are in turn used to run library operations. The district board has frugally managed this money
and is committing $500k of those savings to this project. Efforts are underway to raise the
additional $1 million to completely renovate the current building.

If the library is getting $5 million in borrowed money to build this expansion, how will my money be used? Will it be repaying the borrowed money? How can I be sure money I donate for something specific will be used for that rather than repaying debt?

The Library trustees are contractually and legally committed to paying back the $5 million in loans with funds raised only by sales taxes. The Trustees cannot raise the sales tax revenue rate, so will exercise good stewardship to meet the repayment schedule while not affecting activities of the Library. If you are interested in designating a gift for a specific purpose, the Foundation will sign a contract with you, assuring you that your wishes are carried out.

When will the planned expansion begin and be completed?

Construction began in September 2022 and is scheduled to be completed in 12 months.

Who will actually build the expansion?

Marksmen, an experienced construction company from San Antonio has been hired and will
be overseen by the project management firm of AG/CM, which has offices in major Texas cities
such as San Antonio and Austin, and two project managers who actually live in Wimberley. The
project manager will be supervised by the building committee, which reports to the full board
of trustees. Chair of the building committee is Aileen Edgington.

What specific changes are planned in the expansion?

a. Addition of a new wing to the northwest of the present facility adding 8,800 square feet
effectively doubling our space.
b. The new wing will include large children, and teen areas. A large meeting room seating 100
with a catering kitchen available for groups and library cooking programs will be included. A
craft area also will give a large space for popular programs at the library. Larger restrooms will be constructed.
c. The existing parking lot will be expanded to the north with the driveway one way exiting at
FM 2325 at the traffic signal.
When the $1 million is raised the renovation of the current building will occur after the
expansion is built. The HV/AC system and lighting will be completely replaced. Other
changes in the remodel are:
a. The existing computer area, reference desk, Friend’s shelves, young adult section, DVD
carousels and audio book section will be added to the current adult book collection space to
form the adult service area located in the completely renovated current library building.
b. The existing meeting room will become a Friends of the Library work/sales space, allowing
year-round book sales.
c. The existing children’s area will become small and medium meeting rooms and the reference
d. The existing restrooms will not move but will be completely renovated.

Will all these changes be finished at the same time?

No. Construction is planned in phases, starting with the new wing and parking lot. When the
additional $1 million is raised another phase will involve total renovations to the existing
library. The library will be open throughout the construction process.

Board Members

Carrie Campbell – President  Kevin Hammond – Secretary
Tonda Frady – Vice President Dennis Lee – Treasurer
Sophia Fox Dell Hood
Aileen Edgington Faith Hightower
Kristen Schmidt Suzanne Davis

What does the library need?

  • Several spaces for small groups or individuals to meet.
  • A large community room that hosts up to 100 people for programs and activities.
  • Additional space for craft classes.
  • A kitchen area designed and equipped for classes and other maker activities.
  • More parking, to accommodate our growing activities.
  • More space for books, movies and magazines.

Right now, the library has a single large space that accommodates up to 45 people, (called the Friends Multi-purpose Room), for public activities such as chair aerobics exercise class and most other children’s and adult’s programs. Everything from a go-kart rehab teen project to classes on how to make kombucha, sewing, cooking, science experiments, book clubs and a multitude of other programs aimed at patrons and members of the public keep this room in almost constant use.

Because of lack of space, some of our most popular summertime programs must be conducted on one of the two main library collections areas.

Summary of Progress

  • The Board of Trustees of Wimberley Village Library bought the adjoining lot giving the Project a lot of 3.794 acres.
  • In January 2020, The WVL Board of Trustees appointed the Building Committee to plan and implement the expansion/renovation of the library.
  • Building Committee has met weekly since Jan. 2020 to plan the expansion/renovation.
  • Early on the decision was made to make the project one water (rainwater collected to flush toilets and irrigate). The use of solar power and enhanced HV/AC system add to the environmentally sensitive design of the project.
  • A survey of the newly enlarged property was completed, joining both properties into one plat, and was approved by the City of Wimberley and rezoned as C-2 in March 2021.
  • A topographical survey of the property was completed in May 2020.
  • Total loans obained from Government Capital for $5 million. $1 million has been raised by grants and gifts. $500,000 of Wimberley Village Library District savings is earmarked for the expansion bringing the total cost of the expansion to $6.5 million.
  • AG/CM, a project management firm from San Antonio (two principals of the firm live in Wimberley) was hired as project managers for the project in December 2020.
  • LPA, an architectural firm from San Antonio with experience in designing libraries was hired as the architect for the project in March 2021 after a competitive review process.
  • In June 2021, the Building Committee reviewed the conceptual design for the expansion and renovation with members of LPA staff.
  • In July 2021, the Building Committee reviewed the schematic design of interior spaces and landscape plans.
  • Fundraising efforts by the Wimberley Village Library Foundation are ongoing.
  • In February 2022, the construction documents for the expansion/renovation from LPA were approved by the Wimberley Board of Trustees.
  • After a bidding process Marksmen from San Antonio was hired as our construction company. They have experience building libraries and have worked with our architect and project manager.
  • In August 2022, Library Interiors were chosen as FF&E (Furniture, Fixture and Equipment) vendor after a bidding process.
  • OAC (Owner, Architect and Contractor) meetings have begun and will be held every two weeks. Three members of the Wimberley Village Library Committee attend these meetings.
  • On alternate weeks, the Wimberley Village Library Building Committee meets with the Project manager to review progress.
  • Marksmen Contruction authorized and installed the temporary site fencing in September 2022.
  • Site work began in September 2022, and by October 5th the building pad was completed.
  • A groundbreaking ceremony and celebration reception is scheduled for October 13, 2022 at 4:00 p.m.


Our Partners


The whole library from FM 2325, near the light at Green Acres.

Looking at both wings from the current (and future) entrance driveway.

Looking from the new parking lot toward the new North Entrance. The “old wing” is to the left.

The “new wing” from approximately where the current playground is located.

The “new wing” from the northwest driveway, near FM 2325 and Green Acres.

The “new wing” from the traffic light at FM 2325 and Green Acres.

Interior Design

Children’s Story Time area, looking back toward the main Circulation Desk and “old wing”.

Craft Lab, with demo kitchen on back right, Teen Area on left, Children’s are behind.

Aerial View

Floor Plan

How you can help

a. Make your donation to the Wimberley Library Foundation. The foundation will accept your funds, send you a Thank You and an IRS receipt and put the money into its general fund, all of which will be used to pay for Library development and expansion. The mailing address is P.O. Box 1240, Wimberley, TX 78676.

b. Make a bequest in memory of someone: If you wish to donate in memory of an individual, notate such on your check. The same process as described above will occur, AND the nearest known kin of the memorialized person will be notified of your donation. And, if your donation is of a substantial size, there may be naming opportunities in the planned expansion space. Ask to speak with a Foundation member regarding that.

One time, or recurring? The foundation is the only entity set up to handle recurring donations without requiring separate checks. If you are interested in making a monthly bequest to the future expansion of the Library, go to www.wimberleylibrary.org and hit the DONATE button at the top of the home page. A company associated with the library handles the automatic billing of a credit card or bank account and transfers the money to Foundation accounts.

Can I put a bequest in my will? Certainly. The foundation would love for you to add appropriate language in your will to make a specific value or percentage bequest. Please ask a foundation representative for specific suggestions. The foundation is specifically commemorating those who donate at least 1 percent of their estates as “Legacy Gift Club” members, with an appropriate memorial to be displayed in the Library.

Can I donate directly from my required IRA depletions after age 70? Yes, you can arrange a direct transfer to the Foundation from your IRA. This meets the requirement of a mandatory withdrawal.