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The Wimberley Village Library is planning for a future in which it provides new services, new programs, and new spaces for all of its patrons.

Our expansion is for the young people of today and tomorrow, as well as for members of the community who look to the library, not just for materials to read and watch, but also for an environment where group learning and collaboration can take place.

Right now, the library has a single large space that accommodates up to 45 people, (called the Friends Multi-Purpose Room), for public activities such as chair aerobics exercise class and most other children’s and adults’ programs. Demand for this kind of space exceeds supply all across Wimberley but especially at the library as presently configured.

The new library remodel and expansion will add new and large spaces for similar activities and many more.

About Wimberley Village Library Foundation

The Wimberley Village Library Foundation was incorporated as a Texas nonprofit in 2005. The foundation is charged with raising funds to remodel and expand the space for the library. The foundation is governed by a board of directors members of which are elected in accordance with Texas law and bylaws of the organization.

Board Members

Carrie Campbell – President                             Kevin Hammond – Secretary

Tonda Frady – Vice President                           Dennis Lee – Treasurer

What does the library need?

  • Several spaces for small groups or individuals to meet.
  • A large community room that hosts 40 people for programs and activities.
  • An additional space with lab and science equipment where experiments can be conducted and STEM projects can be developed and produced.
  • A kitchen area designed and equipped for classes and other maker activities.
  • More parking, to accommodate our growing activities.
  • More space for books, movies and magazines.

Right now, the library has a single large space that accommodates up to 45 people, (called the Friends Multi-purpose Room), for public activities such as chair aerobics exercise class and most other children’s and adult’s programs. Everything from a go-kart rehab teen project to classes on how to make kombucha, sewing, cooking, science experiments, book clubs and a multitude of other programs aimed at patrons and members of the public keep this room in almost constant use.

Because of lack of space, some of our most popular summertime programs must be conducted on one of the two main library collections areas.


Summary of Progress

  • On January 7, 2020, library personnel and representatives of the Meadows Center for Water and Environment at Texas State University met at the WVL. The Board of Trustees of WVL then approved the One Water concept for our expansion.
  • On January 28, 2020 Dell Hood, President of the Board of Trustees of WVL presented to Hays County Commissioners Court a request for approval of the issuance of Certificates of Obligation in the amount of $2,250,000. These funds will become a debt of the WVL. 
  •  On January 30, 2020 the newly formed Building Committee of WVL began its work. Meeting weekly since.
  •  Survey of the recently purchased property has been completed.
  • The plat was sent to the City of Wimberley for approval the first week of February 2020.
  • The City requested changes and were sent to our Surveyor for revision on April 20, 2020.
  • The topographical survey is underway but slowed by virus shutdown.
  • Once survey of property is approved by the City we will apply or a zoning change from commercial to public facility.
  • Decision was made to hire a Project manager. The hiring process will begin once we have approval from the County for the Certificates of Obligation.
  • A Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for architectural and engineering services has been drafted. It includes a rubric or evaluating responses.
  • Once County approves Certificates of Obligation, and we have hired a Project Manager, the RFQ will be published.
  • A decision to increase the request for Certificates of Obligation was made.  The amount is now $4,000,000 and this will become a debt of the Library.
  • As of November 9, 2020 the topographical study is  complete and the hiring process of a Project Manager is underway. 



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