A story by Alexander Alter announces in today’s New York Times that an American publishing house is about to borrow an idea from Amsterdam that could revolutionize the way you and I — and our children — read books.

Dutton, an imprint of Penguin Random House, will begin publishing “dwarsliggers,” mini books that Alter describes as no bigger than a cell phone and no thicker than your thumb. You hold them horizontally and flip the thin pages up, not sideways.

The first set of books will be the novels of John Green, the polymath and YouTube video star, who wrote “A Fault in Our Stars.” Green was aware of this kind of book because he ran across them while living in Amsterdam.

Will these books catch on in America like they have over there? Dutton is betting on it.

Will the Wimberley Village Library begin carrying books like these?

That’ll be up to Carolyn Manning, library director. I pointed her toward the article this morning. So, we shall see.

John Green, author of “A Fault in Our Stars”