We don’t use an iPhone so we know very little about Siri. I think she is a digital assistant that can help a user track information, directions, phone numbers, and so on.

It’s an intriguing technology, but I don’t use a cell phone often enough to warrant anything more serious than something I bought off the shelf at Wal-Mart.

But, let me ask you something: Have you tried to buy a wind-up-style alarm clock lately? You almost can’t do it. And if you actually do buy one, the chances are really good it won’t work after a week or two.

After some alarmingly frustrating experiences with — well — alarms, my wife suggested we get one of those devices that they so aggressively advertise on Amazon.

We bought an Echo Dot. It cost us $49, kind of a lot for an alarm clock, but not really when you consider the money I have spent over the last several years trying to find a good and dependable alarm clock that is not connected in any way with my cell phone, which is not particularly trustworthy in and of itself.

Of course, we quickly learned that the Dot does much more than alarms, although it does do that quite well.

Just at lunch today we were trying to remember the name of the movie that John Wayne was in with Maureen O’Hara set in County Mayo, Ireland. We’re at the age where we have a total of one brain between us. But Alexa knew: “The Quiet Man.”

That, and a ring-a-ding-dingy when required.