The CEO of the world’s largest publisher of books is bullish on the future for his company, which means, of course, he is also bullish on long-form narratives and fiction.

Markus Dohle of Penguin Random House told The Indian express this week that he believes the market will remain strong in the foreseeable future for what his outfit produces, whether the format is digital or traditional print or something else, whatever that might be, which is something I cannot conjure.

A direct quote:

“At PRH, our mission is to create the future of books and long-form reading for generations to come. The market for long form has actually grown over the last decade since the digital transformation began, so we want to continue to do what we do well — discovering and nurturing talent and launching their stories into the world. We are also working to become the most reader-centric publisher. And by that, I mean connecting directly with readers and helping them discover their next best read.”

Now, the question here is how? How will publishers connect directly with readers? So far, they have not been very successful. While the number of bookstores is down, people still buy books — like from Amazon. And libraries are still thriving for the most part. I assume Dohle is thinking about FaceBook, but kids don’t use FaceBook, and, as the old saying goes, kids are our future.

So, I’m somewhat mystified. I can’t wait to see what PRH rolls out.