After just 15 appearances on Jeopardy, James Holzhauer had won more than $1 million, a pretty stunning amount of money in a very short period of time.

Holzhauer is a professional sports bettor, so taking risks comes natural, a real advantage on the game show. But, he also knows a whole lot of trivial information. In an interview published today in The New York Times, Holzhauer told Victor Mather his secret in that regard:

How did you learn so many facts? What was your education?

I went to Illinois. Most people think I went to Princeton or something. But I was never a diligent student.

I have a strategy of reading children’s books to gain knowledge. I’ve found that in an adult reference book, if it’s not a subject I’m interested in, I just can’t get into it.

I was thinking, what is the place in the library I can go to to get books tailored to make things interesting for uninterested readers? Boom. The children’s section.

So, there you are. Whether you come with a child or just want to win at Jeopardy, visit our children’s section. You won’t be disappointed. Better yet, donate today to make that part of the library bigger and better through our expansion project.