The New York Times Book Review published notes on the “10 Best Books of 2018” last Sunday.

Five are fiction; five are nonfiction.

I have seen most all of them on the shelf for new books at the front of the library at one time or another this year. So, I know we have them in circulation.

I just haven’t read a single one of them. And I can’t tell you why. I have read more than 10 books in 2018; none of them on the list published by The Times.

On the nonfiction side, the books the Times chose simply don’t interest me. They are: “American Prison,” “Educated,” “Frederick Douglass,” “How to Change Your Mind,” and “Small Fry.” I know about American prisons. I don’t want to read about serial abuse. And I’m probably not going to change my mind about LSD, no matter what I read.

On the fiction side, the books are “Asymmetry,” “The Great Believers,” “The Perfect Nanny,” “There There,” and “Washington Black.” More serial abuse; more tragic diseases or imprisonments, more murder.

When I look at the New Books Shelf at the library I’m actually looking for something new and fresh, and none of the above had cover-jacket explanations that told me they were either one.

What are your thoughts?