My wife and I have enjoyed spending time at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on a few occasions.
For us it held treasures we could discover every time we returned. Not that we went all that often. After all, it is in New York City, which isn’t just right around the corner from Wimberley.
As I recall, we always left a nice amount in the collection plate, so to speak, on the way in, as requested by the nice people at the desk.
We would have paid for access, if that had been required. But it wasn’t.
Until now.
Now, the Met board wants out-of-towners to pay $25 apiece to gain entry to the Met.
If you live in New York City, the entry fee is exactly Zero.
I understand the Met has some financial challenges. But, $25?
Two art critics employed by The New York Times have pieces in today’s paper in which they argue that the fee is outrageous. Art should be just as available to the public, all members of the proletariat, as are books in public libraries.
I like the analogy.
The $25 fee to get into the Met is not the main or only reason we will not return to the Big Apple. There’s no longer anything about the place that we can afford.