Library Services


Ten workstations offering high-speed Internet access are available to library visitors. The workstations may be used for one-hour periods. One of the ten workstations is for “quick use” and may be used for 15 minutes at a time. Contact the library for details regarding computer programs available for word-processing, spreadsheet design, and genealogy.


Wi-Fi access is available for library patrons who desire to utilize their own laptop or hand held computers within the library. For assistance in setting up this service, please contact the circulation desk.

Notary public

Wimberley Village Library has three notaries to assist you.  There is no charge for this service.  See below for availability:

Linda Eagleton is available Monday and Wednesday 2-8pm by appointment only.  Call 512 847-2188, ext 103 to schedule an appointment.  Nomi Gonzalez is available Monday through Friday 2-5pm.  No appointment is needed.  Margie Langmead is available Monday through Friday 10-2pm.  No appointment is needed.  No notary is available on Saturdays.


We can fax patron materials in limited quantities. The charge Is $1 for the first five pages and 25 cents per page for each page thereafter.


Patrons can scan documents and send them via e-mail at no charge.


Patrons can print from our computer work stations. The charge is 10 cents per copy for black-and-white and 40 cents per copy for color. We prefer not to tie up the printer with a quantity of 50 or more copies. Printing services for large numbers of prints are available elsewhere in Wimberley.

Interlibrary loans

You can request access to materials from other Texas libraries, and other participating libraries, through this program. Click here to learn more.

Teacher Assistance

Teacher assistance is available upon request. Click here to learn more.