I’ve been reading about this kid in London who invented a restaurant and then fooled TripAdvisor into thinking it was real and now spills his whole tale in The Washington Post.
He called the place the Shed at Dulwich. He built a whole imaginary world around The Shed — the menu, the staff, the place, etc.
And he sold the bill of goods to TripAdvisor, and then had friends and family do fake reviews so that the place sounded so astounding that it leapt to the top of the listings for joints to eat at in London.
And so, there you are.
Another liar takes people for a ride and then brags about it.
What’s up with this business of giving liars a big round of applause because they managed to do what they set out to do with people who were just being people — gullible, willing to believe, naive.
Pimp yourself to the suckers and you turn up the winner with your 15 minutes of fame.
Truly, folks, I guess this fits with the post-moral culture we have enshrined here and abroad.
The truth: something only nitwits and fools believe in.