The first three volumes of the biography of Lyndon B. Johnson by Robert Caro were excellent. They were well written, well researched, included loads of interviews with people who knew LBJ when he was a student at SW Texas State and later, and won Pulitzer Prize(s). I loved all three of them. The final one, though, was the one I really have wanted to read because it covers the Johnson presidency, including the War in Vietnam and his reaction to it and demise because of it. This fourth volume still isn’t out, and one would think Robert Caro is running out of time. The man is not young.

So, what has Robert Caro been doing? Well, he’s managed to put out this book, instead: “Working: Researching, Interviewing, Writing.” The book was reviewed recently in the New York Times book section. The review prompted a reasonable response from one Margaret E. Jones of Indianapolis, published yesterday. She begins: “I wish Robert Caro had used the time he spent on (the above-mentioned book) on his biography of Lyndon Johnson. Neither he nor I are getting any younger. At 76, I’ve about given up on living long enough to read the final volume.”

To which, I say this: “Amen, sister Jones!”

Caro needs to get that fourth volume out. I’m 72 and like Ms. Jones not getting any younger.