Back in the spring, we saw a spate of articles about how to deal with fake news, a plague upon our intellectual landscape.
One of the best ideas, at least in concept, was put forward by the Trust Project at Santa Clara University in California. The idea was that news would be vetted according to a set of ethical/practical standards and each article so vetted would get a nice Trust Project insignia showing that it was trustworthy, not fake news.
I read in March that the Trust Project designator would be available for use by mid-summer.
I have heard no more about it.
I wonder if the project ever really got underway or whether it got bogged down in the details, which could easily happen if you’re looking at complicated issues and your standards can seem arbitrary. The bestowing of a Trust logo on a particular work would seem to be imposing a super-editor on top of regular editors, and scofflaws and fake newsers would just take the logo anway.
I don’t see a Trust Project logo on anything, but, then, I haven’t exactly been looking.
I wish the Santa Clara folks well, but I think they are embarked on a lost cause. It may just be too much trouble to make sure the truth gets out and lies get suppressed.