They may not be Batman and Superman and Wonder Woman, but comic-book heroes of one sort or another are about to return to the teen book scene in a way that befits their historical stature.

DC Entertainment, which owns those characters, has announced it will be publishing book-length comics in the fall that are graphic and novels in the traditional sense.

That is, they will feature stories fashioned for the 7- to 15-years-old group and written by authors who are already famous for their offerings in the book settings you’d expect to find on shelves today.

One imprint will be DC Zoom and the other will be DC Ink.

What’s interesting about this announcement, made in The New York Times over the weekend, is what it means. It means that a company with a lot of clout and presence in the YA marketplace believes that the market is growing and there is a place for new entries.

So, while we older adults fret over teens being distracted by other media, there’s definitely a good deal of demand for great stories told well.