How do you move the mountain called Hollywood?
The Weinstein scandals must surely result in some kind of change, shouldn’t it?
But, there’s more to the story in filmland than sexual assault.
There’s repression of other different kinds.
Here is a blurb from Five Thirty-Eight, the blog by Nate Silver, the guru of big data:
“Of the 50 highest grossing films of 2016, only five movies passed the “Hagen Test,” which asks (i) do half of one-scene roles go to women? And, (ii) does the film’s first crowd scene feature at least 50 percent women? The Hagen Test is one of 12 new tests we put together for analyzing gender equity in Hollywood. Some other findings: Zero films had strong Latina leads, five films featured a black women in both a position of power and a healthy relationship, and zero movies had a majority female crew.”
So, you have to wonder: When will the culture shift beyond the moment? And what does the audience have to do with encouraging change?