The latest chart produced by Business Insider shows how much time Americans spending watching television. It covers only the first quarter of this year, so there is on comparative data from years past.

Still, the chart is interesting if you’re in the entertainment/information business like we are at the library.

It shows, for example, that the people who watch TV the most often during the day are — as you might guess — those who are over age 65. They watch TV more than 7 hours a day.

Those who watch the least? People in the 18-34 age group. They average just more than 2 hours per day. To me, that’s the most interesting statistic. Of course, these folks include new parents and experienced parents and soccer games and fixing dinner and helping with homework, and all sorts of other activities that might well be related to children. Nevertheless, two hours is not a lot of time watching TV, is it? These people must be hugely busy!

I wish the Business Insider had a related chart that showed how much time people spent each day reading something — newspaper, magazine, books. But, I suspect that chart would look a lot like the one that shows TV viewing habits.

I suspect that if we produced a profile of our library patrons by age grouping, we’d find that the amount of time reading goes way up at the older end of the spectrum.

The time pressure on young adults is very real. And I’m not even taking into account the amount of time they spend on social media or on their cell phones.