Thursday, May 14, 2020 1:00 p.m. Videoconference


Zoom videoconference held in accordance with March 16, 2020 declaration by Governor Abbott allowing meetings to be held by teleconference

This notice is posted pursuant to § 551.041 of the Texas Open Meetings Act (TX Gov. Code Ann. Ch. 551)

Roll Call: PRESENT: Trustees; Dell Hood, Sharon Criswell, Patrick Cox, Aileen Edgington, Carol Sicuro; Treasurer, Sharon Drobeck; Library Director, Carolyn Manning; FOWL, Dennis Lee; Foundation, Carroll Wilson

  1. Call to Order: President Hood called the Zoom teleconference to order at 1:00 PM


2.              Public comment: None


  1. Approval of minutes: The Board accepted the amended meeting minutes for April 2020 by unanimous


4.              Special Reports

  1. Treasurer’s report: (filed) Treasurer Drobeck reported April (March sales) tax was 23% higher than at the same time last year. However, Drobeck and Manning will need to review the financials to look for what to do next month or so due to the lockdown. Financially, the library is in a good position being 25% better than the same period last year. President Hood mentioned that the small drop has been in library generated funds from fines, copier, etc. Hood also asked that since we are in a strong financial position, should we put the surplus in a TexPool Prime account to earn more interest. After some discussion Trustee Cox made the following motion to move $50,000 to the TexPool Prime account. The motion was seconded by Trustee Criswell. The motion passed by a unanimous vote of 5-0.


5.              Staff and Board Reports

  1. Board
    1. Correspondence: None


  1. Library Director: (filed) Director Manning reported staff are using social media to share videos and activities with younger patrons and information regarding digital resources and activities for older patrons. Manning stated that the programming will continue indefinitely on a regular General information regarding virtual summer reading programs and promotions will be sent via social media. Also, Director Manning presented a reopening schedule to follow the Governor Abbot’s guidelines and those of the Texas State Library and Archives Commission. Current cleaning and sanitation procedures are in place.


  1. Building Committee: The committee is seeking approval of the revised renovation plan (6.40) of the Wimberley Village Library. The idea was to incorporate the most compact footprint and better arrangement for workflow with version plan 4 document. This plan


includes functional spaces for equipment and storage. The Board endorses the revised plan with the following motion by Trustee Edgington, “moved to approve the endorsement of the summary of the library expansion document 6.4 the dated May 6, 2020.” The Board approved the summary by a vote of 5-0 to be sent to Commissioner Shell.

Also, the Building Committee will be working on a rubric for choosing an architect for this design.


6.              Discussion/Action items

  1. Expansion: Timeline; financial issues:
  • President Hood stated the timeline for the expansion has been altered due to the pandemic. The earliest we could hope to break ground is sometime in 2021. If 18 months are allowed for construction, a deadline of 2023 could be met. However, there are too many unknowns at this point.
  • Carroll Wilson reported the Foundation’s fundraising has been temporarily placed on hold while waiting to hear from the County regarding the status of the Certificates of Obligation. Wilson went on to say it was not a good time to be out front trying to raise money. Therefore, Foundation resources have been focused on helping backup the library’s initiatives and assist staff in develop media to assist patrons. Additionally, the Foundation voted on May 7,2020 not to renew the contract with the fundraising database, Network for Good. Nami is looking for alternate software to cover the needed information at a reduced


7.              Announcements

  1. June Agenda
  • Extension of the three resolutions dealing with library operations and personnel. The decisions will be based upon where we are the first week of
  • Propose an amendment to the Library District By-Laws the Board of Trustees to enable the continue with virtual meetings even after this emergency has ended. We should have the legal framework on-hand just in case something has come
  • November Board Election- Two Trustees (Criswell, Sicuro)
  • Meetings with the Foundation and Friends 4:30 PM


  1. Adjournment of District Meeting: President Hood adjourned the meeting at 1:55 PM




Recorded by Zoom Video conferencing and written record by Carol Sicuro, Secretary