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My recent absence of several months was caused by a medical issue that was not quickly resolved. I’m back but working only a handful of hours each week. The medical problem required some major surgery, and as a result of that I was for several weeks a permanent resident of LaLa Land. Fortunately, I have not become an addict. From the experience I did learn why it would be very hard for me to ever be addicted to very strong drugs like the opioids that seem to have gripped so much of the population. For one thing, I didn’t like the way they made my head feel. For another, I couldn’t really function. But equally important, I was unable to read. By that I mean I couldn’t physically read books or newspapers or materials online. The words and letters would not come into focus. But I also could not retain any of what I might be able to consume. Everything seemed episodic. I couldn’t wait to get off these pain-killers; they also killed one of the great pleasures of life: reading..